psoriasis and diabetes

Last edited 03/2021 and last reviewed 07/2021

Psoriasis and Diabetes

Diabetes has an increased prevalence in patients with psoriasis:

  • reported type 2 diabetes in 18.1% of patients with psoriasis and 12.3% of control (1)
  • reported that (2)
    • psoriasis is associated with diabetes independent of sex, age, smoking, and body mass index (BMI) (OR 1.53, 1.03-2.27) and that increases in BMI are associated with increasing odds of twins reporting a diagnosis of psoriasis

Genetics and Diabetes and Psoriasis Risks

  • genetic variation at IL12B, IL23R and IL23A has an influence on the risk for Psoriasis and on disease severity and type 2 diabetes mellitus


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