method of use

Last reviewed 01/2018

The sponge is moistened with a little water which, as a result of the spermicide, may cause it to look and feel foamy. The sponge is then folded in half with the dimple up and the loop down, and slipped into the vagina as high as possible so that the dimple fits over the cervix. The patient should slide one or two fingers up the side of the sponge to ensure that the cervix cannot be felt.

The sponge remains effective for 24 hours during which time, intercourse is not restricted. Following intercourse, it should be remain in place for six hours.

The sponge is removed by pulling gently it's loop. It should be thrown away and not flushed down the toilet. If the loop cannot be found, the sponge should be grasped between the middle and index finger, and then pulled.