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Hyperbaric oxygen

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Hyperbaric oxygen is a treatment option in a variety of conditions.

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is defined as administration of 100% oxygen to a patient who has been placed inside a chamber which has been pressurized to greater than one atmosphere at sea level
  • Hyperbaric sea oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a systemic treatment option, wherein a patient breathes pure oxygen at greater than one atmospheric pressure for a specified period of time
    • therapeutic effects of HBOT are caused by an increase in dissolved oxygen in plasma and tissue oxygen delivery

Since 1967, hyperbaric oxygen with 100% oxygen, beginning at 2.8 ATA, has been the world's standard for the treatment of decompression sickness among military and commercial divers and aviators (1)


  • Davis JC. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Journal of Intensive Care Medicine. 1989;4:55-57.

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