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Hearing threshold

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Degrees of Hearing Loss and Their Academic Effects For A Child

  • normal hearing (0-25 dB): hearing is within normal limits
  • mild hearing loss (26-40 dB): mild hearing loss may cause inattention, difficulty suppressing background noise, and increased listening efforts
  • moderate hearing loss (41-55 dB): moderate hearing loss may affect language development, syntax and articulation, interaction with peers, and self-esteem
    • patients have trouble hearing some conversational speech
  • moderate-severe hearing loss (56-70 dB): moderate-severe hearing loss may cause difficulty with speech and decreased speech intelligibility
    • not able to hear most conversational-level speech
  • severe hearing loss (71-90 dB): severe hearing loss
    • may affect voice quality
  • profound hearing loss (>90 dB): with profound hearing loss (deafness), speech and language deteriorate

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