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Insulin (medium-acting)

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  • basal insulins
    • intermediate-acting insulin
      • onset of action of approximately 1–2 hours
      • maximal effects between 4 and 12 hours
      • usually needs to be injected once or twice a day e.g. isophane insulin (Neutral Protamine Hagedorn [NPH]), such as Human Insulatard® Humulin I®, (also porcine and bovine equivalents)
      • isophane insulin - forms insoluble crystals and injected as a suspension when administered via subcutaneous injection
    • long-acting insulin analogues
      • can last for a longer period than intermediate acting insulins e.g. glargine Lantus® (has a peakless action profile; injected daily), detemir Levemir® (maximal effects after 6–8 hours; injected daily or twice a day)


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